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Bushfires continue to be a serious threat in rural Australian areas where conditions such as high heat and wind increase the devastating capabilities of out of control blazes. In order to guard against and best prepare for these situations, strict building regulations are developed for those at risk.

BAL or Bushfire Attack Level rating is a Standard adopted by The Building Code of Australia (BCA) designed to assess the risk level and conditions a product can handle when exposed to varying bushfire situations. The Standard identifies 6 levels of severity expressed as Bushfire Attack Levels. Also known as AS3959, it is a direct response to the threat that bushfires impose on Australian households.

Southern Star Group products are thoroughly and vigorously tested to Australian standards that determine how they will perform when exposed to these potential bushfire conditions. We have a range of fully tested bushfire rated windows and doors, designed to help protect your home without compromising functionality or style.

The majority of our Southern Star Aluminium windows and doors are rated at all levels up to and including BAL-40, able to cope in the ‘Very High’ risk level. These windows and doors can handle increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers together with increasing radiant heat exposure of between 29 and 40 kW/m2, with the increased likelihood of exposure to flames. This is an impressive level that offers safety and piece of mind when faced with potentially damaging circumstances.

Canterbury Timber windows and doors have a lower rating due to their material, though certain products, when coupled with performance glass and certain hardware, still perform well when subject to thorough testing. BAL ratings for our timber offerings range between BAL12.5 for Meranti to BAL-29 for Merbau.

It is important to know local regulations, potential risks and ratings of your homes to ensure safety - and to always have a fire evacuation plan.

To find out more about BAL ratings in your area and any special requirements when building, contact local council, government or the fire authority.

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