2017 Home Design Trends


Time travels fast in the world of trends, and with spring now here, it’s a great time to talk about the fresh design looks hitting houses this year. Here are the hottest home design trends of 2017!

Gorgeous Gothic

The Goth look is in! Dark timber colours for walls and furniture including chairs, cabinets and coffee tables are having their moment in the spotlight this year. Rich and darker tones that create dynamic rooms and atmospheres are a trend predicted to continue for some time.

Tenacious Tones

Beige and soft neutral tones are on the way out, and bold, deep colours are making a comeback. Think bold hues like rich amethyst, emerald green and ruby red, and start splashing them across your walls. They’re also perfect for accompanying elements like cushions, vases, throw rugs, candles and picture frames.

Green and Greenery

Green is hugely popular this year. There are many fantastic shades including bottle green, dark green, pastel green, grass green and every shade in between matching perfectly with the dark timber trend. This look creates a decadent yet calming space for any room in the house, and is extremely easy to achieve with a pop of colour here and there.

Magnificent Matte

Matte is taking over almost every room in the house. We are now even seeing this trend in the kitchen with matte-finished appliances becoming all the rage. Matte can make any object seem sophisticated and luxurious, giving you a whole new level of appreciation for your previously drab decorations.

Marvellous Marble

Whether it’s tiles, wallpaper, decorations or even carpet/fabrics, marble is hugely popular right now. It’s not just classic white and black either. Marble is being mixed with all colours, creating unique and sophisticated compositions, especially when paired with wood or metal.

Terrific Terracotta

While not a new trend, terracotta is making a comeback with the help of a little twist. This season it has been given a matte look that adds a fashionable finish. Terracotta can be applied to everything from outdoor tiles to indoor decorations so don’t be afraid to be brave with it.

Cordial Cork

Interior designers agree that copper is out and cork is in. This stylish material adds a level of depth, warmth and texture that not only looks great, but is practical too. Cork can be used as a board to hang art and reminders, while also holding heat and absorbing noise, working as an insulator.

Faux Favourites

Faux materials are a highlight of 2017 - not just faux fur, but also faux leather, faux wood, faux marble and faux foliage. Faux materials give off trendy vibes and can be much easier on a budget than authentic materials. The ability to create luxurious looks for little cost is extremely alluring for many people as well as the ethical and sustainable elements of faux.

Relaxing Retreats

A peaceful place to getaway to and relax within the home is becoming increasingly popular. As we spend more and more time on computers and phones, having a tranquil area to escape to helps people unwind. Having a small nook or even library where someone can read quietly or just escape from technology is a trend that will continue. Relaxed furniture is in with the likes of daybeds, sofas, rugs and cushions.

Popular Paints

Deep dramatic splashes of colour are in. Think of going dark; cosy shades of black, dark browns and greys add a sense of luxury and comfort. Compliment dark walls and floors with pillows and cushions in rich hues.

The Southern Star Group has products and finishes to suit any design aesthetic perfectly. Whether it’s an aluminium powder coat colour, or a choice of timber material, we’ve got you covered with options that never go out of style. Visit our website or showroom for more information.

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