Spring Cleaning


It’s that time of year again where winter weather makes way for the spring sun. This of course means that it’s also time for annual spring-cleaning!

Tips for cleaning glass

It is recommended that all glass surfaces be kept clean by prompt removal of all dirt or other contaminants. Clean water and, in some instances, a small amount of mild detergent should be used. After washing, any detergent residue must be thoroughly rinsed away with clean water. Under no circumstances is any form of blade, scraper or abrasive cleaner to be used. Stubborn dirt or residue should be lightly sponged off to avoid scratching of the glass.

The frequency of cleaning required will depend on environmental conditions such as proximity to the ocean or industrial areas. As a general guide, glass should be cleaned at least quarterly.

Tips for cleaning aluminium

External aluminium surfaces of windows and doors should be washed with clean water and a mild detergent at least every three months. A soft sponge or similar should be used to avoid scratching the aluminium. In coastal or industrial areas where the environmental conditions are more demanding, the cleaning program should be carried out on a monthly basis. Abrasive, chemical cleaners or steel wool should not be used as such methods may result in damage to the aluminium surfaces.

Tips for cleaning timber

Use soft, clean cloths and do not use scraping devices or abrasive cleaners, wash down with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Rinse off residue with clean water. Do not use solvents. Keep bottom tracks clean, wipe with a cloth and use a dry silica based lubricant if required, lightly grease top tracks, oil hinges.

Tips for cleaning windows

In addition to the glass, aluminium and timber tips above (appropriate depending on your individual window elements), drainage slots should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they have not become blocked with residual dirt or grime.

Tips for cleaning doors

Use the appropriate methods above for your particular frame material. Sill recesses should be regularly cleaned and kept clear of dust and foreign matter. A brush and vacuum within the track area may be used to do this. Door locks should be checked from time to time for satisfactory operation and may require adjustment to compensate for building settlement.

Door rollers are factory set and should not require any adjustment. However, if due to building settlement, an adjustment needs to be made, the door panel must first be lifted to relieve weight from the roller assembly. Adjustment should be made using a Phillips head screwdriver.  

Tips for cleaning hardware

Regular maintenance is required for all hardware, even stainless steel, as they are moving parts. In most environments, maintenance is recommended every six (6) months and every three (3) months in marine and industrial environments. Hangers, pivots and brackets should be given a light spray of corrosion preventative (such as CRC Marine 66, Innox or WD40) followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess.

Exposed surfaces should be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft rag and then rinsed clean before applying preventative. Visible surfaces of hinges should be wiped down with warm soapy water on a soft rag and then rinsed off by wiping with a clean damp rag. Application of a thin film of light machine oil or one of the corrosion preventative sprays mentioned above will help to maintain the original lustre of the metal finish. Be careful not to get these compounds on the timber work itself as they may cause staining. Drop bolts should be sprayed with a lubricant such as those mentioned above and the sliding pin inside the bolt and to the lock cylinder.

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