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5 Must Haves For Your Alfresco This Summer


It may be cold and rainy outside now, but it’s the perfect time to start planning for your alfresco this summer! Just thinking about sitting outside in the sunshine can warm you up! Here is the 5 things we think must be included to get that wow-factor in your alfresco:

1. Integrated inside and outside

Making your alfresco part of your home is a great way to make your home and outside area feel larger and its great when entertaining. There are many choices of doors and windows (yes windows can integrate the spaces too), but common favourites are sliding stacking doors and Bi-fold windows and doors.

Talk to one of our sales team today to discuss your options.


2. Lighting

We all know lighting is important in your home – but it can also create a great atmosphere outside. Whether you want LED down lights over your dining space, festoon lights around the boundary, lanterns as a centrepiece or solar lighting to line your walkways, there are plenty of options to suit any taste and budget.


3. Decorating/Styling

You might not think decorating and styling your alfresco space is necessary, but it can really make the space standout. Think a painted feature wall or a signature tiled wall.
You can also dress the space with rugs, cushions and accessories to make it a more liveable and inviting space.


4. Landscaping

Obviously this is important in every backyard, but here you can make or break an alfresco. Try and complement the alfresco and the yard space, linking them with plants, but dividing with features. The areas need to work together but be separate. Dwarf versions of larger garden plants can work well in the alfresco, and not be over-bearing.


5. Outdoor kitchens/BBQ

This is a more recent trend that gives your alfresco its own kitchen. Think a fridge outside, as well as a sink – all centred around the BBQ. This option is very luxe and in essence gives your home an outdoor room.

You only have a few more months of this weather before we start seeing glimpses of the sunshine, so get planning!

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