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5 Reasons to build your next home instead of buying


Are you considering building your next home? Does the process seem too daunting for you? We have pulled together the top 5 reasons why you should choose to build your next home instead of buy an existing one.

Stamp Duty Savings

When building you will only need to pay stamp duty on your land. If you buy an existing property you will need to pay stamp duty on the purchase price. This can equate to thousands of dollars!

Build a home based on your needs

When building rather than buying you get to decided everything about your new home. That’s means the floorplan can be designed to your family’s needs, and everything from the toilet to the paint colour can be hand-picked by you!


Building means you are really only paying ‘cost’ price for both your land and your build costs, and therefore there is the potential that when completed you will have instant equity in the property.


Depending on your state and position there is plenty of Government grants available to those wanting to build their own home. This is a great incentive to save even more money.

Plenty of choice

The home building market is very competitive with many companies offering deals and packages to suit every individual. Take advantage of these offers with the possibility of getting upgrades etc on your home. You might not NEED them – but they could be nice to have!

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