6 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before You Sign on the Dotted Line


The task of building a new home can be as exciting as it can be scary. There are so many things that can go wrong when trying to achieve your dream home.

Finding the right builder can greatly improve the chances of your build going smoothly. But what can you ask to find out if this is the right builder for you?

Do you offer what I need?

Every build is different and has different constraints. You might need you home built in a certain timeframe or to a certain budget – can this builder offer you what you need? Before you meet with builders, ask yourself what your top priorities are, and let the builder know these so you can assess if they are a good fit.

Can you build to suit my block?

Some volume builders only have specific designs, and these are only suitable for certain blocks. Size, slope and location can determine if a builder can work with your space. Have a look at plans on their website before meeting to determine if they do builds similar to your requirements.

Do I have a say on who my Suppliers are?

Most builders have preferred suppliers which is generally based on a long-lasting relationship. This may not be the best solution for your build financially or aesthetically. Some builders will let you choose trades and suppliers that you know or trust and allow them to be part of your build. This can be from carpentry to your windows and from your plumbing to your doors. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Can I change the design?

There are many great home plans out there – with something for everyone, but sometimes people just want to tweak their design to suit them better. Some builders can do this and some can’t! Make sure you ask all these types of questions earlier rather than later.

What is included in My Package?

Make sure you go through what is included in your build thoroughly. Often people are disappointed with their final build due to them expecting things to be included as standard, only to find out too later that they are an added extra. It can be costly to change things to far down the track, so it’s best to clarify EVERYTHING with your builder before you get to that point. You don’t want to get stuck with extra money to pay at the end when you need to add things in your thought were included.

What role do I play in the build itself?

It is hard to sit on the sidelines and watch your dream be built. You may want little or large amounts of input during the build process. Speak to the builder about what you can and can’t do during the build. Things like visiting the site un-announced may not work for some builders. Also find out your role. What do you need to do at each payment stage or how often do you need to be in contact with your builder throughout the process? Make sure you convey your wishes to your builder and get it sorted early on so both sides are happy and know what to expect from each other. It will make for a far better working relationship as the build progresses.


Good Luck!

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