6 ways to increase natural light in your home


Natural light can dramatically change the look and the feel of your home, making small spaces appear bigger. Not only that, but the sun’s rays make us feel better by lowering our blood pressure and stress hormones in our body. 

Keep nature well-tamed

Firstly, we need to let that natural light in! Overgrown bushes, trees and shrubs can prevent the light from getting in to brighten our homes up. Keep those plants well-trimmed. Avoid planting on your houses south side, the sun rises too high for them to shade your home in the summer, and also blocks out the sun for warmth in the winter.

Clean your windows

Yes cleaning! Cleaning your windows can make a huge difference to the amount of sun that is let in. Also avoiding dark and heavy window treatments and curtains will help. Choose something light or sheer so you can let the sun in, and still maintain your privacy.


Placing mirrors in hallways and opposite windows creates the impression of more space and a feeling of openness. You could even take this one step further and have mirrored walls and ceilings!

Use colour wisely

If you are trying to lighten your area, don’t go for dull or dark colours. These absorb the sunlight and make the space feel closed-in. White reflects sunlight, so use whites or pastel tones to make your space feel larger.

Position furniture correctly

Make sure your furniture is blocking any light from entering. Simply moving a couch or lamp can change the feel of a room. Also choose bright accessories to create the illusion of there being more light in the room.

Changing your window configuration

Changing the configuration of your windows and doors can also let in more light. Using stacking sliding doors, instead of bi-folds, for example, can really open a room and let more light fill it. Speak to one of our sales team today to find out how our windows and doors can help you create a lighter, brighter home.

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