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7 Things to Consider When Choosing Windows and Doors.


There’s more to think about when selecting our windows and doors than simply what looks good (although that is unquestionably important).

For a first-time home builder or renovator, a lot of these considerations might not be obvious, but a little forethought around the right windows and doors for you can save you a lot of money, time and stress in the long run. 

Here are 7 Things To Consider When Choosing Windows and Doors. 

1. Light 

Working out the flow of natural light is a big consideration when choosing your windows and doors.

The amount of light you let in is obviously determined by how big an opening is, but you can also consider the type of light you want to let in. This refers to how light moves through your home during the day and the year and can be altered by orienting the opening faces north, south, east, or west.

Thinking about the type of light that enters a room can completely alter how a space feels. 
Imagine enjoying the morning sunlight through your kitchen/dining windows and doors as your drink your morning coffee – it can be done if you consider light when choosing your windows and doors. 

It may also be worth considering UV protection in some especially sunny areas.

2. Noise

Noise must be considered if you live in a city or busy suburban area. Even if you’re in a country town you might want to do a bit of soundproofing if subjected to noisy neighbours.

By choosing appropriate glass (double, laminated or secondary glazed) and using high-quality door and window seals you should be able to remove most unwanted noise from your home (sadly we can’t do anything about noisy kids).

3. Airflow 

Airflow doesn’t simply mean being able to open the windows and doors when the mercury climbs a bit.

Good Airflow is essential for a cool and comfortable home and important for your health and the maintenance of your property.

Impurities caused by poor ventilation can cause a range of health problems, from headaches and allergies to serious respiratory conditions caused by excessive mould. Mould and moisture can also cause the deterioration of walls and surfaces and other destruction to your home. 

Aluminium Awning Windows are a popular choice for those looking to maximise airflow while reducing exposure to the elements.

4. Temperature

For those living in especially warm or cold climates (which could be anywhere in Aus), temperature is an important consideration. With the wrong choices, your house can quickly turn into an oven or a freezer. 

Double Glazed Windows can improve the insulation of your home by as much as 50%, and pairing glazing choices with a thermally improved or thermally broken frame can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

5. Environment 

Assessing your home's surroundings is probably the most important consideration when selecting windows and doors for your home. It's probably the one that is most often overlooked. 

Is your home near the ocean? Aluminium may be a better choice for your Windows and Doors. Is your home more than 800m above sea level? You may need special breather tubes installed in your insulated glass. If you’re unsure about what environmental factors you need to be aware of when choosing your windows and doors, get in touch with our sales team. 

6. Bushfire Ratings 

Unquestionably the most important Environmental consideration you’re going to have is whether you live in a bushfire zone.If you do select the right doors or windows can save your life. Bushfire Attack Level or BAL ratings on Aluminium and Timber Windows and Doors help you choose the option that will give you and your family the highest level of protection. 

You can view the Southern Star Group’s Timber BAL and Aluminium BAL ratings on our website.  

7. Design 

Of course, you’re going to care what your windows and doors look like. 

Choosing windows and doors that’ll stay in style and not look dated in 10-15 years may save you megabucks, so it’s worth thinking about. 

Have a Queenslander or a Hamptons style home? Louvre windows or timber bi-folds are going to look great! 

Terrace or Federation style home? Double Hung Windows will work. 

Of course, every home is unique on some level, and you can’t beat going over your plans with an expert and talking through what will work, and what's best left on the "maybe pile." 

Closing thought 

There is a lot to unpack here. Hopefully, this list has given you somewhat of an idea of what to think about when you choose windows and doors for your next home. But if you get stuck, or you feel like you forgetting something get in touch with us. Our sales team can help you with almost any questions you may have, and help you with any considerations you may have overlooked. 

You can get in touch with our Sales Team for more information about what is right for you or view our full range of products in our catalogue 

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