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Australian Owned, Australian Made!


Southern Star Group are proudly 100% Australian Owned and Australian Made. With this in mind we thought it was about time our logos reflected this.

Introducing out new Australian Made & Owned Logo, so our builders and homeowners can be guaranteed that they are buying truly Australian products, made in Australia by an Australian owned and operated business.

We are proud that all our windows are manufactured here in Australia in our branches in Victoria, NSW, Qld and South Australia. We employ Australian staff and contribute to improving the economies and employment opportunities in the communities in which we operate.

With our products made here in Australia, they are made to Australian standards and with our unique climate and environmental factors in mind. Imported products may suit the climate of their country of origin, but many fail to consider Australia’s dramatic, frequently changing weather patterns and may wear, or even fail, faster as a result.

So that is why we are proud to be wholly Australian owned and able to offer our customers products that are Australian made. Now all our customers can see this every time they see our logo!

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