Black is Back!


In the last few years we have been overwhelmed with Scandi trends and the white and timber combinations that come from this. Well now it’s time for a new style trend to take over – and its Black!



Using black tapware has been a recent trend that is sleek and sophisticated. Using black tapware in contrast white tiles and sinks can create a really bold yet classic statement. Using Black tapware has the added benefit of not showing up watermarks or fingerprints – so no constant cleaning!


Black kitchens are a 2018 trend. As we all know, black goes with anything, so just like our old favourite, the white kitchen, black kitchens can work with timber, coloured tiles and pretty much any material you can throw at it! It can really create a powerful and sharp look, especially when utilised with white, creating a strong contrast. It also creates a clean look (again like a white kitchen) as marks and spills are masked with its dark colour. It’s not for everyone – but I think we will all agree that they look smart!

Windows and Doors

We have been swept up in a sea of white for far too long! Windows have been available in many colours for years, and more recently, people have been opting for white. With the use of lots more natural timber, people are now opting for black windows and doors to create a bold feature. Choosing black windows and doors helps create a modern look and can fit with any building material, for either a look of contrast or to pair with your existing colour scheme.

Hardware and Fixtures


We have seen Black tapware and hardware become very fashionable in the last few years. Using black hardware such as doorhandles, can help create an industrial type look in your home. It manages to cross the modern/traditional boundary also – great for use in period homes that are being updated. 

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