Bringing The Outdoors In……..To Your Bathroom!


It’s become the norm to want to expand our home’s flow and appeal by bringing the outdoors in. This is commonplace in our living and dining areas, and more often these days, even kitchens. But now there is a new trend – bringing the outdoors into your bathroom!

With our lives becoming increasingly hectic, finding somewhere to relax in your home is important. Escapism is one of the reasons people are opting to expand into nature from their bathrooms. The luxe spa feel that can be replicated at home, is closer than you think, and it all starts with your windows and doors!

There are various ways you can create this look in your bathroom. How about opening the wall right up and selecting a panoramic fixed glass panel? Or utilising doors; a bi-fold, sliding-stacker door or French Doors are all great choices. Another option is to have floor to ceiling windows in a configuration of your choosing. Obviously, privacy is an issue when you are ‘opening up’ your bathroom, but with the right help you can create the look and feel you are after, while getting the privacy you require.

Beyond the glass there is, again, multiple options. If the bathroom opens onto a great view – perfect! But if not, the area can easily be tweaked to get the look you are after. Think vertical gardens, potted plants, decorative stone or an outdoor water feature.

In addition to all the benefits of creating a beautiful space and a relaxing environment, the extra ventilation that can be provided is a great added bonus of having more windows and/or doors in your bathroom.

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