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Busting The 5 Biggest Myths About Timber Windows & Doors


There’s a lot of bad information out there about timber windows.

Businesses specialising in aluminium, steel or plastic windows like to tout the benefits of their own product at the expense of timber alternatives. Because of this, there are many myths floating around about timber windows.

Let’s have a look at some of the bigger ones.

1. They're Cold

Never was a bigger lie told. Timber insulates about twice as well as aluminium and up to 400 times better than steel. This is because timber has very low thermal conductivity, making it a great insulator and highly energy-efficient - keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

2. You Can't Double Glaze Them

You absolutely CAN double-glaze timber windows - making the above about them being cold even more of a myth.

3. Timber Windows and Doors Are Difficult To Maintain

No window or door material requires no maintenance, and timber windows are no exception. Timber windows are certainly not difficult to maintain though. A quick clean twice a year with non-corrosive cleaning materials and a quick check for splits should help your windows look great for years to come.

You’ll even find that windows made from other materials scratch and burr with much more ease than timber windows - and timber is a winning choice in this regard especially for those with small children and pets.

Canterbury timber windows also come with TimGuard, a two-coat clear seal to minimise moisture variation and to increase the longevity of your windows.

4. Timber Windows and Doors Are Expensive

The upfront cost of timber might be a little more than other window and door types - especially plastic. But when you factor in higher energy efficiency and greater thermal insulation, you will save in the long run on heating and cooling costs. Because you're running a more efficient household, you won't be costing the environment as much too.

5. They Look Old Fashioned

There is a perception that timber windows only really suit older Victorian or Colonial style homes. But the reality is you can finish a timber window in pretty much any colour you want - and they can be repainted if you want to restyle later. Repainting other windows and doors like aluminium or steel is a specialised process due to the powdercoating involved.

But with timber windows, especially those coated in Timguard, minimal prep is required.

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