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Can You Afford NOT to Hire a Licensed Tradesperson?


We have previously discussed the importance of using compliant products in your new build or renovation and the devastating effects of not doing so if things go wrong. Another important thing to consider is using licensed trades people.

Whilst building your new home or renovating your existing home, it’s important to make sure the trades you use are licensed. Using un- licensed trades can have huge impacts including not being covered by insurance if things go wrong. They can also open you up to many issues with your home in the future.

In Victoria many previously un- licensed trades such as carpenters will now require registration moving forward. This will hopefully stop people not complying with the correct standards and codes that are required for this kind of work in Australia.

But how can you check if your trade person is suitably qualified and licensed?

• Review their ad or website to see if they list their qualifications.

• Check online to see if they are listed with the relevant government or licensing authority.
• Ask to see their licence.

• Before they start work, confirm whether they will provide a compliance certificate when the job is finished. If they won’t, or if they offer you a discount instead of a certificate, don’t use them.

• Use a website like is Australia's only comprehensive licence checking site so you can do all your licensed trades checks in one place. Ensure that the trade professional you hire has the appropriate licence for your job.

So, the question to ask yourself is can you afford NOT to hire a licensed tradesperson?
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