Canterbury Timber Double Hung Windows


Double hung windows are a popular and versatile window style that combines the best from both classic and contemporary designs.

Beautiful aesthetics with modern mechanisms ensure attractive looks and ease of use, while a keyed sash lock as standard (where appropriate) provides security and safety.

Double hung windows allow for maximum glazing space, ensuring picturesque unobstructed views and benefiting from the abundance of natural light and ventilation control.

Canterbury Timber Double Hung Windows are available in three styles:


The Canterbury timber Jambliner double hung window offers a state-of-the-art mechanism that not only makes opening and closing the window easy, it also allows you to completely remove the sashes from inside for easy painting and cleaning.


Modern technology with the essence of tradition in the one package; the Canterbury timber Counterbalance double hung window offers a combination of the look of the traditional weights and cords operated double hung, but with a modern, efficient counter balance sash system.


Canterbury Sashless timber double hung windows will complement any home while providing superior climate control and unrestricted views. The counterbalance system, integrated, long life slides with self-aligning grooves, and large, anti-jamming sliding clearance ensure smooth and trouble free operation, and the concealed locking feature operates in a closed or partially open position.

Canterbury Timber Double Hung Windows are perfectly at home in any application.

Don’t forget that all Canterbury Timber products can be coated with TimGuard, our exclusive semi-finished two coat clear seal. TimGuard is applied in factory and offers immediate superior protection for your timber windows and doors. The clear coat can even be used as a primer to paint or stain over, ensuring the final product suits any house style or home decor.

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