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Celebrating 20 Years of The Southern Star Group


On the 2nd of July 2002, The Southern Star Group was born. 

An ambitious group of Geelong-based businesspeople purchased the small 'Geelong Windows' business to run on the principle of a quality, locally made product, competitively priced for the domestic housing market. 

Marketing Director Paul Gray and Victorian General Manager Ken Best (then sales manager) were there from the beginning.

In an interview with The Geelong Advertiser shortly after the founding of Southern Star, Paul affirmed "we're a local manufacturer employing local people and we can offer superb service because of our North Geelong location." 

Twenty years later and we're proud to say that the principles of quality, competitively priced products produced by local employees are still at the core of our business. We've grown from a local Geelong-based team of approximately 30 people in 2002 to over 600 employees nationally in 2022.

We've expanded to operate more than eight branches nationally - with manufacturing locations in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland to serve local markets - and remaining a 100% Australian-made and owned business. 

The first 20 years of the Southern Star Group succeeded on account of our people - by the hand of our loyal customers and suppliers, and the hard work of our employees and management team. 

On behalf of the entire Southern Star Group of Companies, we extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has played a role in the success of the Group in its first 20 years. 

We look forward to the challenges and triumphs of the next 20.



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