Comet Window Winder


Introducing our newest innovation!

The Comet Window Winder is a brand new and uniquely ours! The newest addition to our STAR Range of window and door hardware, its stand out features are as follows:

New Look:

The removable cover means that fixing screws are no longer visible, creating a streamlined, seamless look.


The covers on the Comet are interchangeable – this means that the colour of the winders can be changed if the homeowner is remodelling or wants to match to other home features. The Comet comes in a range of colours.

Time and money saving:

The removable cover on the Comet also allows painters to remove it when painting timber windows, alleviating the time-consuming preparations such as taping etc.

Smaller Size:

The Comet is smaller than any other winder model currently on the market. The smaller size means more focus is on the window and the view – not on the hardware! The dimensions of the Comet Window Winder are a neat 225mm by 48mm.

Chain restricting method:

Unlike current winder models in the market, if the opening needs to be restricted, the Comet allows the chain to be adjusted without removing the entire winder from the window. This is a real time-saving feature.

Foldable knob The practical, foldable knob on the winder means that there is less interference with blinds and window fittings


Available in both lockable and non-lockable versions. The lockable version has standard industry compliant cylinder and can even be wound closed when locked – another unique functional feature!

There are so many features that make the Comet Window Winder the great new innovative benchmark in awning winders and it is suitable for both Southern Star aluminium and Canterbury timber windows.

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