Compliance Considerations for Windows & Doors


Compliance is critical when selecting windows and doors for a build, renovation or retrofit. 

Get it wrong and you could have a property on your hands that is deemed unsafe and unsuitable for occupants. 


That’s not going to make anyone happy. 

Depending on where you are within Australia, different standards may apply to your build or renovation. So, it’s a good idea to know the key areas of compliance that you need to ask about to make sure that your build is ticking all the boxes. 


Compliance Areas to Consider Include: 

Swimming Pools 

All states have at least some requirements relating to barriers around swimming pools. This can do with minimum height, strength, and non-climbable zone requirements, as well as layouts that limit entry to pool areas.    



Bushfire Zones

The importance of BAL ratings is something that we have covered many times previously and for good reason. Window selection can make a big difference to the ability for a home and its occupants to survive a bushfire, and mandatory requirements relating to bushfire prone areas will affect window and door selection.  



Fall Prevention 

Requirements around the positioning of raised, openable windows need to be observed to help reduce the incidences of small children falling from open windows.



Thermal & Energy Efficiency

Changes to the National Construction Code will make minimum Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) efficiency rating of 7-stars compulsory in all new home builds from October 2023. Additionally, you will have to observe minimum U-value and Solar Heat Gain coefficient  



Wind Load

The wind load on a building will likely be the most significant force that any building will endure, and windows and doors need to withstand these forces safely. Even the location of a window and door within may change the wind the house is subjected to, and the strength requirements it must meet.



Noise Reduction

Buildings in rail and road transport noise corridors will likely have to adhere to base level Rw acoustic noise performance ratings in windows and doors.  




According to Australia-wide standards, any opening that has the potential to be mistaken for an open corridor or a door is required to display ‘motifs’ or small stickers or decals to prevent injury. 

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