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Continued Fight Against Non-Conforming Building Products


You only have to search on the internet for ‘Non-conforming Building Products’ to find multiple occurrences of issues just in recent months. There seems to be episode after episode of builders being found to have used unsuitable products resulting in catastrophic results. Whether it be cladding in Qld or an apartment building defects in NSW, the fact is the use of these materials is causing safety concerns. Not only does this impact on safety but also can affect insurance as Karl Sullivan, Head of Risk & Operations, Insurance Council of Australia explains:

“Unfortunately, the Australian building and construction industry is becoming increasingly risky for insurers – hence the recent introduction of exclusions for some liabilities and growing difficulty for owners with major building defects in finding insurance cover.”

As a proud Australian manufacturer, we know the importance of building materials conforming to Australian standards. Our membership of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) assures our customers of the quality and the compliance of all our products to those standards. We are also very pleased that the AGWA are highlighting the issue of non-conforming building products on both the state and national stage and advocating change on behalf of its members. This is something that can have a huge impact on us all.

In a media release from the AGWA to its members this week, Clinton Skeoch, Executive Director and CEO of the AGWA said:

“As part of our strategy AGWA has been working with the Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) to get traction and gain attention for this very important issue for all building product manufactures. We are pleased to advise that the issue of building product compliance will have national Television coverage [on Monday night on the ABC’s Four Corners] in a story on Australia's apartment building crisis. The association has partnered with BPIC and other representative bodies to help raise the issue in consumer and policy circles. Rodger Hills the Executive Officer of BPIC will be one of the interviewees in the story which will deal with Non-Conforming Building Products in general and the failure of the NSW Government to pass legislation on building product chain of responsibility in 2017.

This is an issue that impacts industry and consumers.”

Four Corners investigates Australia's apartment building crisis, from substandard workmanship and on building products to the deficient building regulation and governance structure leaving owners out of pocket and in some cases out of a home altogether. It examines the duty of care in the supply and procurement of building products and how non-compliant products have become more prevalent in the last 10-15 years leading to the spotlight now being placed on the resulting crisis in confidence that exists in the building and construction industry.

You can watch the episode at the link here

Also, for more information on the BPIC see the below link:


We look forward to following this issue closely and sharing any updates we receive with you.


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