Compliance with New Australian Standards


As a response to the desire to improve safety and reduce accidents, The National Construction Code (NCC) has changed its fall prevention provisions to enforce more stringent measures in bedrooms of new residential buildings, and new early childcare centres, where the floor below the window is more than two metres above the surface beneath.

This decision was driven by research showing young children are most at risk from window falls in these locations, as they often play unsupervised.

While the NCC set out dimensional and load requirements for fall prevention through openable windows, there was previously no test standard available for the products to be tested against, conformed to and complied with.

The AWA has developed an Industry Code of Practice (ICP) to provide its members with guidance and a common test methodology.

In October 2016, a new standard was published based on this: AS 5203:2016, Protection of Openable Windows/Fall Prevention – Test Sequence and Compliance Method.

This standard sets out methods for determining the performance of a barrier screen and a restricted window opening to a level of force for the protection of openable windows. It allows the diverse range of products from various manufacturers to be tested in exactly the same way by all parties.

With an imposed load (force) requirement specified by the NCC, standardised physical testing can now validate compliance.

The NCC sets out load requirements for the protection of openable windows. AS 5203 provides test methods to satisfy these requirements.

As an AWA member, the Southern Star Group is proud to be compliant with AS 5203, and committed to the industry leading safety standards of all our products. 


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