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As with choosing windows, selecting the perfect door for your space can be a big challenge. When deciding which door is right, think about how the area will be used and how you want to focus the room. Do you want the door to be a feature? Do you want to create the perfect indoor/outdoor balance?

We have explained how the different types of doors work, to help you decide which suits your area best. Please contact one of our sales staff to discuss further, they have plenty of supporting knowledge that may make your decision easier.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are quite simply two panels – one remains fixed, whilst the other panel slides to one side. The moveable panel is able to slide either left or right and the height and width are also available in multiple dimensions. The large glazed space means that you get great views to your outdoor area with minimal interruption from the frames. Both Canterbury timber and Southern Star aluminium sliding doors are available to perfectly suit your building project.

Stacking Sliding Doors

Stacking sliding doors work in a similar way to sliding doors, but in this instance have multiple panels that stack to one side. They provide the perfect way to integrate your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Offering an opening that is two thirds wider than the normal sliding door, stacking sliding doors are available in both Canterbury timber and Southern Star aluminium. With a wide range of versatility in both size and configuration, stacking sliding doors are a perfect accompaniment to modern alfresco living.

Bifold Doors

Available in a variety of panel configurations, these concertina doors fold back to the edges of your door opening, allowing uninterrupted access between your indoor and outdoor areas. Entertaining is made easy with our great range of Southern Star aluminium and Canterbury timber bifold doors.


French Doors

French doors, with extensive glass panes that run almost the entire height of the door, offer a stylish, classic option for both interior and exterior doors. With hinges at the sides they open outwards to provide a frame free escape to your outdoor space. As access doors to courtyards, gardens, and patios, French doors offer easy use and are excellent for bringing natural light into your home.

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