Environmental Actions


The Southern Star Group aims to reduce the environmental impact of our operations through continuously developing an Environmental Protection Policy, established with the following objectives:

  • Identify potential opportunities to reduce the impact of operations on the environment and implement procedures to do so.
  • Recycling practices in manufacture, operations and administration.
  • Responsible and acceptable waste disposal practices.
  • Strategic energy conservation and waste reduction practices
  • Identify, quantify and control chemicals and physical agents in the work environment.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate responses and reporting systems applicable to environmental protection at all levels.
  • Vehicles, plant and equipment that meet Environmental Protection Standards.
  • Cooperation with government and other bodies concerned with and responsible for environment protection strategies.
  • Adequate induction and ongoing training of employees to operate within the accepted guidelines and regulations.

This policy underpins specific actions undertaken to achieve more energy efficient and emission reducing operational practices across all areas of the business including manufacturing, logistics and administration which include:

  • Aluminium, glass, paper and ink cartridge recycling processes
  • Water tanks
  • Automated treatment equipment
    -Reduce chemicals to treat product
    -Reduce chemicals to treat waste water
    -Reduce contamination
  • Power management during machinery downtime
  • Investment in solar panels
    -Reduce Co2 Emissions by 338.7 Tonnes Per Annum
  • $7million new powdercoat line
  • Specialised hardware and software
  • Manufacturing infrastructure to improve energy efficiency of production processes.
  • Virtualisation of the server environment

As a result of our environmental actions we have decreased our total energy usage, at our Geelong Head Office site alone, by 51%.

To learn more about the Southern Star Group and our environmental activities visit www.windowsanddoors.build

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