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6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Windows For Your Home


Building or renovating a house is an exciting process that involves many decisions. One of which is choosing the right windows for your home and each application within your house. With so many different types of windows on the market, we’ve composed a series of questions to help you navigate the options and decide on the ideal windows for all your needs.

1) Which room is the window for?

The first question is a simple one, yet entirely necessary to ask before deciding on any window choice. Different rooms require different types of windows. Whether it’s a small casement window with obscure glass for the bathroom, or a large awning window for the open plan living area. Some windows are more suited to particular applications than others. Room design, style and purpose should be considered prior to any final decision.

2) How will the room be used?

The way in which the room will be used also impacts the decision making process. The purpose of the room should be taken into consideration so that the ideal window can be chosen for the job. If the goal is to create a comfortable and private theatre room then perhaps timber or aluminium framed louvre windows with the ability to control light via moving blades is a good choice. Or maybe you would like to create the ultimate alfresco area with a bifold window and servery to compliment your bifold doors and indoor/outdoor space. Function and practicality are equally as important as style. Think about how you will use the space and what you want out of it.

3) What is your design style?

There is a style to suit everyone’s taste, whether you are a fan of the classical such as the timber double hung, or the contemporary like the aluminium casement. Once you have considered the practical components, you can have fun choosing the design elements. Window design can compliment the overall design of the home. Smooth and cool aluminium windows can emphasise a sleek and modern home style. Warm timber with detail can resonate with furniture and floorboards to create a comforting and welcoming theme. Colour is also an important element. With so many to choose from, you can be assured there is an ideal colour to suit your home and design style perfectly.

4) What type of material?

There are two material options when it comes to selecting your windows and doors  - Aluminium and Timber. Both are fantastic materials that are ideal for windows and doors within your home. Material choice often relates to design style with many choosing based on their interior and exterior vision. Aluminium products are offered in a variety of powder coat colours while timber is available in Western Red Cedar, KD Hardwood and Meranti. Timber can be either stained or painted to fully customise the precise colour desired. Glazing is another area that offers various options. Single glazed, double glazed and obscure glass types all offer various benefits for multiple applications.

5) How important is sustainability?

Sustainability is an important element of modern homes and living. Economic, environmental and financial benefits can be achieved with the choices made when picking the perfect windows and doors. Designs like the louvre work with air conditioning to increase effectiveness and reduce electrical reliance. Double-glazing can keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer. Smart window choices can fill rooms with light all year round, eliminating the dependence on artificial lighting. There are a plethora of options that can assist with sustainable design and living that can even save you money in the long run.

6) What is the budget?

Ultimately it is often the budget that determines what choices you make for windows and doors.  The Southern Star Group caters to budgets of all sizes with a good, better, best range for all products.  All windows and doors come in a standard format with various upgradable options available. This allows both the budget mindful and those with a bit extra to customise the perfect window and door combination for their particular building project.

Answering these questions is a great place to start when deciding on window and door choices for your home. Don’t forget that you can customise windows and doors to be exactly what you want. For more information on the options available from the Southern Star Group for both Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors and Southern Star Aluminium Windows and Doors, visit our website.

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