Internet Important for Homebuyers


Fast broadband is one of the most important elements new homebuyers are looking for. While many new homebuyers are becoming more flexible with factors of location and space, they’re not willing to compromise when it comes to Internet.

80% of Australian house hunters say a good broadband service is a major factor in their decision-making process when it comes to buying or building a new home. Just a few years ago, this figure was only 10%.

So exactly why is broadband connectivity such a coveted necessity for so many Australians?

The Internet is an invaluable tool for anyone who works from home. While it’s easy to associate being online with entertainment, it’s important to remember that many people rely on the service for their income.

A good broadband speed is essential for anyone who works from home. Communication is increasingly reliant on Internet access with voice and video calling over data frequently being favoured over traditional landlines and even mobile phones. The likes of Skype has made distance and location a redundant factor when scheduling meetings. Not to mention the benefits of cloud storage.

The ability to work from home is allowing modern professionals to save on transport costs – also providing flexibility for those needing or wanting to spend more time at home with family while maintaining their careers.

Smart devices are also helping people save costs. Heaters and air conditioners can sense when to turn on and off, fridges can remind you to order your favourite food and switches can be controlled from your smart phone.

With online services becoming more and more popular, it’s extremely convenient to now perform banking, billing and other needs in the digital space.

The way we receive entertainment has evolved. Where once the television networks dictated times and access to programs, a shift to on-demand online content – such as Netflix and YouTube – has resulted in a dependence on Internet connection. The same can be said for media and news consumption; while liberated from traditional means, the reliance on digital access has become almost a need, rather than a want.

Devices cannot only connect to the Internet, but also each other. Security cameras and alarms can connect to mobile apps so you can check in on your home while out. Devices can connect and share to your television. We are even seeing chores like vacuuming being handled buy automation or app controlled – a trend likely to continue in the future.

The average Australian home has 10 connected devices accessing the Internet. By 2020 the number of devices is expected to triple to 29.

A consideration for new homebuyers should be: how many devices they have now, how many they will have in the future, as well as how much data will be required.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why a fast Internet speed and plenty of data is so vital to the modern Australian homebuyer.

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