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Is The Brio Pleated Screen The Perfect Flyscreen For You?


Flyscreen doors go with summertime like sausages go with bread. They let you open your home to the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without letting in the armies of insects.


But what do you do if you have bifold doors or sliding stacking doors? These door types give you the option of larger openings - perfect for those looking to create ultimate indoor/outdoor access to outdoor entertaining and alfresco dining areas.

The Trouble With Conventional Flyscreens & Safetyscreens

These larger openings can create a few problems when it comes to flyscreens.For one, a conventional flyscreen or safety screen door would obstruct the otherwise grand, open views given by an open bifold or sliding stacking door.


Also, these large openings are sometimes just too wide to work with a conventional sliding screen door. The average screen door width is only about 82cm, give or take 10cm, hardly conducive to that breezy inside/outside vibe that you've been looking for.


So do you do if you want a great indoor/outdoor home without the swarms of mozzies?


Brio Pleated Screens Are The Solution

This unique flyscreen can cover areas much wider than a standard flyscreen due to its ‘pleated’ design. A single Brio Pleated Screen will cover an area of 4.5 metres, allowing for a massive 9 metres of coverage with a second screen.


Because the screens don’t need bulky grills, frames, or corner posts, they provide a perfectly unobstructed view of the outdoors for optimal enjoyment.


The Brio Pleated Screen is also easy to install in both new builds and renovations and can be paired with Southern Star Aluminium or Canterbury Timber bifold doors, as well as 200 and 300 series aluminium and timber sliding stacking doors.


If you would like to talk to an expert about whether the Brio Pleated Screen would be a good option for your new build or renovation, Get in touch with our team of experts. 


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