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Throughout 2015 the Southern Star Group released the first products in the STAR Range of Hardware, designed in house exclusively by the Group for our windows and doors. The result of research and development, the STAR range offers clever design with advanced technology that combines stylishness and practicality.



The Alpha will now come standard with 100, 200 and 300 Series Southern Star Aluminium sliding and stacking sliding doors and Canterbury Timber sliding and stacking sliding doors. It features a secure, twin- beak lock which is now offered as standard.  In addition, and also as standard, the Alpha features a C4 key pin cylinder which allows it to be keyed alike to any lock by a locksmith, offering the extra convenience of having to use only one key around the home. Available with either a cylinder/snib or cylinder/cylinder locking mechanism, the Alpha provides safety and security with style. Suited to any application and home design whether traditional, modern or architectural, the Alpha is available in Ultra Silver for Canterbury Timber sliding doors and Black for Southern Star aluminium sliding doors.


The Delta handle’s uniqueness is emphasised by its stunning finish; being offered in satin chrome as standard. Sure to impress, the Delta is the first STAR handle to be offered with this colour, which will create a stylish and sleek design for customers looking to ensure a desired distinctive look. The Delta will be offered as an upgradable option for 100, 200 and 300 Series Southern Star Aluminium sliding and stacking sliding doors, as well as Canterbury Timber sliding and stacking sliding doors. Suited to any application and home style with its elegant contoured design for added comfort and grip, the Delta looks fantastic whether your home is traditional, modern or architectural. The Delta handle also features a secure, twin- beak lock, which is now offered as standard. In addition, and also as standard, the Delta features a C4 key pin cylinder.


The Gamma has been designed to meet the desire of architects and homeowners who want a streamlined non-obstructive handle that allows unimpeded views through glazed doors. Its slim structure attaches stealthily to all Southern Star Aluminium and Canterbury Timber sliding and stacking sliding doors, providing the same elegant and effortless operation accustomed to be expected from Southern Star Group handles. The Gamma is the perfect solution for those wanting a subtle finish to their doors that will not divert attention from the design of the door itself. The sleek and smooth design reflects the popularity of these elements within contemporary styling, while the subtlety allows traditionalists to enjoy their classic décor and design without intrusion.


Showcasing elegance with smooth styling and practical functionality, the Carina Lever Handle comes standard with the 100 and 200 Series Aluminium Bifold and French doors. The carefully crafted handle utilizes ergonomically constructed design for increased comfort and ease of use when operating. The Carina is available in a standard cylinder/snib or optional cylinder/cylinder setup, adding the benefit of providing security and safety to homes entries. An ultra silver external finish compliments any door and interior theme; while providing a beautiful additional element to our line of compatible aluminium doors.


Engineered for smooth and simple operation, the Gemini is a sturdy yet lightweight handle that is sure to be a favourite. The centred tab releases the handle from its dock effortlessly and allows for seamless transition between open and close. The quality of the handle is evident with an external finish of the utmost standard and the class of internal mechanism clear upon operation. A cylinder lock is offered as standard, which provides extra security and piece of mind. The keyed lock functions with ease thanks to internal technology that focuses on distinction. The Gemini is offered as an upgradable option on 300 Series aluminium sliding windows and timber sliding windows. Colours available include black for aluminium windows and silver for timber.


More products within the hallmark STAR range are to be released during 2016.

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