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Keep your home quiet with windows and doors


Keep Your Home Quiet With Windows and Doors

We can’t all live in quiet neighbourhoods. By virtue of where we live, the traffic and ambient noise nearby and loud neighbours, our homes can get pretty noisy. And noise can affect us in some pretty terrible ways too, interfering with sleep, rest and conversation and causing irritability, headaches and stress. So how can we stop sound from entering our homes and disrupting our lives?

The trick is in understanding how sound travels. 

Noise will invariably penetrate a home via the points of least resistance – usually through the gaps around your doors and through your windows, as they usually offer less acoustic insulation than your walls do. 

Creating additional barriers and closing gaps that soundwaves can pass through is key in reducing the amount of noise that will enter your home. 

Here's how you can stop sound travelling through your windows and doors.

Thicker Glass 

Sound waves become weaker as they meet resistance. Using thicker glass forces these sounds waves to travel through higher density and is more likely to result in sound levels reducing. This is an especially effective option for lower frequency sounds – and these are the hardest sounds to stop. Lower frequency sounds have far more energy and can penetrate your home more readily than higher frequencies (this is why you can hear the bass from outside a nightclub, but not the higher parts of the song.)

Laminated Glass 

A vinyl layer reduces the impact of sound waves and helps to dampen overall noise. Laminated glass offers a slight improvement over single glazing of equal thickness.

Secondary Glazing 

For much louder and constant noise, like heavy traffic, rail and aircraft – a second panel of glass with a larger air space is the best solution to significantly reduce noise. Using a different thickness glass for the second panel provides the most effective protection. 

Improved Seals 

A common culprit of ineffective sounds protection is leaking or ineffective seals around your doors or windows. Simply put, using superior seals around your doors and windows will help – a lot, while also providing the benefit of a sturdier product. 

Eclipse Sound Solutions

The Eclipse Sound Solution range is the Southern Star Group’s high-performance acoustic range, specifically designed to reduce unwanted noise. After a detailed assessment of your needs, we can determine which of these methods will best serve your needs and acoustic requirements, ensuring that unwanted noise is minimised in your home.

If you want to start the conversation around making your home a peaceful and relaxing space, give us a call on 1300 733 599 or click here.

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