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Our next room to inspire is the master bedroom. Master bedrooms are not just used to sleep in anymore, they are used as retreats and places to relax, making them a key feature in any new build or renovation. The more luxury the better! This selection will inspire you to think outside the box with not only some great window choices but door choices too.

Awning windows are one of the options chosen for this wonderful retreat. This means the wall is left open to be used for added furniture or storage. In this case though, its left blank creating a feeling of space and letting that magnificent feature wall be the star!

Image courtesy of King Built Homes NSW and


French doors aren’t always the first choice for bedrooms. However, these black aluminium ones make an ideal choice for the opening to the balcony in this master bedroom. We love the added touch of class it brings and the unique style it gives the room.

Image courtesy of Majestique Homes

Natural light is great in a bedroom and this sliding door allows it through in abundance! A really clever choice, a sliding door allows access to an entertaining space or retreat, with lots of glazed area to bring the outside in and make your room look larger. In addition, the hilite awning windows allow more light and also the furniture to remain on the wall below them.

Image courtesy of Malishev

The warm tones of the timber floor are complemented by the white timber double hung windows in this calm space. The double hung windows will allow flexible ventilation as fresh air adds to the serenity and natural feel of this master bedroom.

Image courtesy of Albourne Construction


As windows go this master has it all! Using a mix of timber casement window, awning window and bifold doors this showcases how anything goes in bedrooms – you just have to use your imagination! Utilising earthy tones, the bifold door adds to the natural feel of this retreat allowing the outside to become part of the room.

Image courtesy of Metricon


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