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New Architectural Range


Southern Star Windows is pleased to introduce its new Architectural Range of products.

The most recent and impressive addition to the product line up, the Southern Star Windows Architectural Range features the premium 400 and 900 Series. The robust, commercial grade frames, with clean, modern lines, create a visually stunning impact and complement today’s modern architectural styles. Created with elegance and performance in mind, the Southern Star Windows Architectural Range has been developed with the practicality and durability to withstand all weather extremes, while satisfying the desire for a home that demonstrates premium quality, style, and luxury with every fitting and inclusion. With a greater choice of glazing variations and options, the Southern Star Windows Architectural Range ensures ultimate performance, providing superior weather performance, energy efficiency and acoustic control. 

Window products available in the Architectural Range include 

• Sliding Window
• Awning Window
• Bi Fold Window
• Sashless Insert
• Louvre Insert
• Silicone Butt Jointed Fixed Lites

For more information about Southern Star Windows Architectural Range, please get in touch with our sales team.

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