Southern Stars Stellar Christmas Tips


Christmas chaos is upon us now that we have entered December and the impending 25th day of the month is approaching at seemingly supersonic pace.

Amongst the gift grabbing and food prepping, we have compiled a list of handy tips to assist you in having a Christmas that’s as stylish as it is merry.

1) Colourful crockery and cutlery

Try something a little different than the traditional white plates and silver knives and forks. Red, green, gold and silver are popular and festive options. Alternatively, black can be quite a striking and contrasting colour. Have fun with your choices and themes and add a little variety to the occasion.

2) Decorative dining

Centrepieces are eye catching and complimentary. Take your table setting to the next level with unique and festive decorations. Many pre-made centrepieces are available from several stores. Feel free to get creative and go homemade! Adding a little greenery in the form of leaves, eucalyptus or rosemary can be beautiful. Consider some lettering for decoration; creative name places can be a nice and subtle touch.

3) Platters matter

Platters are a fantastic and engaging way to serve food. Whether it’s cheese, meats, fruits or desserts, a large platter not only provides a communal location to gather, but also helps reduce the dishes! Bring your alfresco area to life or place the platter on a servery sill.

4) Themes and schemes

While the traditional Christmas colours will always be red and green, modern Christmas colours are far more adventurous. White and black, silver and even blues and purples are becoming increasingly popular. What’s important is selecting your colour scheme and sticking to it. Choosing colours and tones that work well together ensures aesthetic pleasure, while eliminating mismatched confusion. Themes can change annually to keep things interesting.

5) Enjoy!

Don’t forget amongst all the presents, preparation and entertaining to take some time to enjoy yourself.


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