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One Piece Stacker Door Frames: The Key To Opening Up Your Home


One-Piece Stacker Door Frames: The Key To Opening Up Your Home

Do you like to entertain? Perhaps you like to party at home? Maybe you just like to give your home that lovely ‘open’ atmosphere. 

If you do, then the Southern Star Group’s One-Piece Stacker Door Frames is the perfect addition for your home. 

Stacker Doors ‘stack’ over each other, creating a larger open space due to the additional panels, which are narrower and fit over one another when opened. In this sense they are advantageous to your ‘garden variety’ sliding door, which still needs to cover a space the size of a conventional door. 

One-Piece Stacker Door Frames have the door head, sill and jambs extruded in one piece of aluminium with the screen track – meaning a sleeker looking and higher performing door frame.    

Available in our 100, 200 and 300 series aluminium, and in our full range of colours so – as with all product in the Southern Star Aluminium range - they’ll look great in any home. 

100 Series One Piece Stacker Door Frame


200 Series One-Piece Stacker Door Frame

300 Series One-Piece Stacker Door Frame


So, get your house party ready! Get in touch with our sales team and get that seamless flow in your home that only a One-Piece Stacker Door Frame can offer. 

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