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Rating Your Home Energy Efficiency: The NatHERS System


Energy efficiency should be at the front of your mind when building a new home.

If not for the sake of the environment, then for the sake of your wallet. Heaters and air-conditioners emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and consume excessive amounts of electricity - two things that can be avoided with an energy efficient house. 

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is used to rate the energy efficiency of homes in most of Australia (Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.) 

The system rates energy efficiency with a star system - in all states using NatHERS, new homes must comply with a minimum 6-star rating. 

How Is My NatHERS Rating Calculated?

Using software modelling, NatHERS accreditors use a simulation of your home or apartment to determine its energy efficiency, and how much the occupants will need to use heating or cooling in a typical year.

This simulation takes into account:

  • Building materials/windows/products used. 
  • the size and function of each room. 
  • Size and specification of each opening into the home. 
  • Dwelling orientation. 
  • Location. 

Knowing how the NatHERS rating is calculated will help you build or renovate your home in a way that will ultimately save you on energy use. NatHERS accredited assessors can help you during the design stage to improve the energy efficiency rating of your new home. 

Often this is with a few simple tweaks and maybe with little or no additional cost.

Get in touch with our team of experts to learn how you can improve your homes NatHERS rating withwindows and doors. 

Or visit the NatHERS website to learn more about how you can make your new home or renovation more energy efficient.

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