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Red Ball Adelaide 2019


Southern Star Group were proud to sponsor the Red Ball Adelaide 2019 on 1st June.

The evening was all in aid of raising money and awareness for Fight Cancer Foundation and the Back on Track program in South Australia. We were lucky enough to not to only sponsor, but also attend.

The night was opened with a rock opera /acrobatic performance to 200 guests at the InterContinental Ballroom. The guests then continued to be entertained by Glenn Shorrock singing Little River Band and on top of that there was a live auction and raffle. The evening continued after dinner with dancing to the fabulous band called ‘The Cast’.

Matthew McCurry of the hospital school spoke and gave everyone an insight as to how the staff work with students in their classroom facilities they have in the wards. This ensures the students stay engaged with their education and can integrate back into their enrolled school once they are better.
The parents of a seven year old who, 12 months ago, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and has been away from school for the last year, also spoke to the guests. They shared, very bravely, the family’s journey thus far and how integral the Back on Track program has been for their son to stay connected to his peers at school and how important that connection is to him socially as well. Later in the evening, a family holiday was auctioned off and then kindly donated to this beautiful family.

The evening was a great success with all guests enjoying the night and an amazing $116,000 being raised for charity.

We are so proud to be part of such a special evening.



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