River’s Gift Gala Ball 2018


Southern Star was proud to support The River’s Gift 2018 Gala Ball on Saturday 23rd June.

The Narnia themed event, complete with snow and mythical creatures, was a huge success, raising over $100,000 for the charity. This year the tickets were sold out in less than 12 hours!

River's Gift is the largest source of funding for SIDS research in Australia. To date, River's Gift has generated over $1 million to save babies lives, by funding scientific research, delivering Safe Sleep Education and raising awareness of SIDS

The funds raised at Saturdays event will go to further their SIDS research and education initiatives, which will take them one step closer to Stamping Out SIDS (SOS).

Here’s a link to the post event clip, enjoy watching!

River's Gift Gala Ball 2018 Clip
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