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We are always striving to give our customers the best possible product and services. We are always exploring better and more innovative ways of doing things, and our sashless Double Hung Inserts are the latest example of this.

Sashless Double Hung windows are a versatile and very current choice. With benefits such optimal ventilation, as well as the uninterrupted views they give, it’s no wonder they are on the must have lists of new builds. Southern Star Group has a long history of manufacturing Canterbury Timber frames to suit Sashless Double Hung Inserts.

The inserts have previously been outsourced to a number of suppliers and typically installed on site.

Using the Southern Star Group’s ability to manufacture aluminium, glass and source hardware, Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors will start manufacturing and installing our own 2-pane Sashless insert into Canterbury Timber frames from Feb 2020.


This benefits our customers with:

• Better quality control during the manufacture.

• Easier ordering process.

• Manufacturing our own Sashless Insert takes away the need to co-ordinate with 3rd party suppliers, making communication and co-ordination easier for all involved.

• SSG Sashless inserts will be installed in the Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors factory, avoiding the challenges of on-site installations and again providing better quality control, this time on site.

Speak to one of our sales team today to discuss your Sashless Double Hung Insert requirements!

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