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Steve Waugh Foundation Charity House


The Southern Star Group is proud to join forces with AVJennings in partnership with the Steve Waugh Foundation, to assist with the construction of a new house in NSW, which is to be sold to raise funds for the charity.

The Steve Waugh Foundation aims to improve the lives of children and their families who live with a rare disease. Thanks to a variety of fundraising initiatives, significant funds for the Foundation have been raised, enabling it to provide much-needed support to many families.

One such initiative is the design, construction and sale of a series of homes by AVJennings, known as ‘The Renee Series’.  

AVJennings has sold four of the charity homes so far, with the profits from each of the sales directed to the Steve Waugh Foundation.

The current project house, to be known as The Renee 5, will be constructed and sold at the Evergreen community at Spring Farm in NSW.

The four bedroom, three bathroom home will be a showpiece for the latest trends in construction materials, including windows and doors donated by the Southern Star Group.

AVJennings’ CEO, Mr Peter Summers has recognised the incredible support of all involved. “We are thrilled by how many suppliers and friends have raised their hands to help out with this special project – it’s just fantastic and we are thrilled with the results to date.”

We are honoured to be part of this fantastic initiative and look forward to seeing the results of the completed home and fund raising.

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