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Suburb by Suburb: 2021's Biggest Property Value Increases


The past year has seen some of the biggest property price increases in Australian history.

Counterintuitive to some on account of the pandemic, the unprecedented growth seen in 2021 was spurred on by a range of factors - principally the demand created by the HomeBuilder Stimulus as well as record-low interest rates.

Sales volumes were the highest they’ve been
 in almost 18 years.

So, what suburbs have seen the biggest price increases on the back of this demand? Take a look. 

Will these increases last?

CoreLogic head of residential research Australia Eliza Owen thinks not. “I would not have expected to see gains of almost 60% in some of these suburbs. It’s not the kind of numbers I’d expect to see again for a very long time."

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, "The surprise suburbs where house prices jumped the fastest in 2021." December 16, 2021.



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