Supporting the Variety Club's 2022 Muscle Car Run


The Southern Star Group is proudly supporting Leon Seltsikas from South Australian based LS Design Constructions and Mad Build with his participation in the 2022 Variety Muscle Car Run.

What is the Variety Club?

Variety is an international charity that helps kids aged 0-17 who face sickness, disability, or disadvantage through grants, scholarships, programs, or kids’ events -especially where government assistance isn't available.


Variety provides support for children and families for things like:

  • Mobility equipment and wheelchairs.
  • Communication devices and education aides.
  • Medical Items and services.
  • Therapy services, including occupational therapy and music therapy.

What is the Muscle Car Run?

Generally speaking, you need to use safety glass in the following situations:

  • In all areas of bathrooms for areas up to 2 metres high.
  • Around stairs (if less than 1000mm from either side of the stairs or 2000mm from the bottom of the stairs.)
  • All glass doors.
  • Door side panels less than 300mm away from the door and 1200mm from the floor.
  • Areas that can be mistaken for openings.
  • Low lying glass (glass larger than 1.2m under a height of 1.2m.)

We recommend that you use safety glass wherever you can - not just where the law dictates, especially if you have young children. Your family’s safety is so much more than just meeting Australian standards.

Leon's Team 

Leon will be taking part in a 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger nicknamed 'Fully Charged', raising money along the way for Variety SA.


The Southern Star Group proudly donated $1,500 to Leon & his team.


You can see the car and donate to Variety SA here.

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