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The Factors of Housing Desirability


There are many factors that make a home or suburb more desirable to a broad range of people. While each individual may have a unique checklist of desires, there are several universal elements that generally increase the appeal of a house.

1. Location

Exactly where a property is located has to be the number one factor in determining how desirable a suburb is. As the old saying goes, Location, location, location!

2. Proximity to employment

People tend to migrate to where jobs are available. Proximity to employment is an important factor with commuting times strongly considered. The less travel time required, typically the more desirable the suburb will be to that individual.

3. Population and demographics

The demographics of an area can have a profound impact. The age of residents, the stage of development and the structure of the population can affect the suburb in regards to quality and quantity of housing stock and lifestyle.

4. Shopping

While at first seeming like a superficial factor, nearby shopping is a popular consideration. The amount, type and quality of retail can add significant personal and financial value to an area.

5. Schools and education

Education plays an important role when considering where people want to live. Access to high performing educational institutes is a highly influential element, especially to families.

6. Transport

Public transport and the logistics of traveling are instrumental when making housing decisions. Transport relates to almost every other factor. How easy and quick is it to access work, shops and schools? Proximity to rail stations and bus routes, as well as effective roads for driving are often vital.

7. Medical facilities

Having facilities like hospitals, doctors’ clinics and other health related services close by is essential. These services will be necessary at all life stages.

8. Sporting facilities

Australians love their sport! While some may consider this a want, rather than a need, having access to good quality sporting grounds or facilities is a crucial consideration for many.


All of the most expensive suburbs in Australia have something in common; they have sensational views! The desirability and value of these areas is undoubtedly enhanced by the views from the homes. Regardless of location, views always matter.

10. Access to water

Australian’s love their water. Whether it’s the ocean or a river, the outdoor lifestyle is enriched by water being close by.

11. Streetscape and greenery

The way that a street looks can vastly improve the appeal and feel of a location. Trees and green grass can completely change a bland suburb.

12. Housing mix and individual property attributes

Desirable suburbs typically have a mix of different housing types. Rather than cookie cutter copies of the same house, having a variety of age and finishing types brings a sense of uniqueness.

Ultimately, choosing a home is a personal choice driven by unique subjective preferences. While these factors are the typical elements that affect desirability, at the end of the day it all comes down to what exactly you want and can afford.
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