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The Good, The Better & The Best: The 100, 200 and 300 Series of Aluminium Products.


Southern Star Aluminium Windows and Doors are offered in a "good, better, best" range of options. All three tiers offer superb quality and features, with each upgraded level providing additional benefits. This allows us to deliver ideal window and door solutions to all customers, no matter their budget or style.

100 Series - The Good

The 100 Series range offers the outstanding style and quality that has become synonymous with the Southern Star Group and provides everything you need for affordable homes and low-rise residential units. The 100 Series range can even find a place in designer custom homes.


Each 100 Series product is designed to provide all the features that are required from windows and doors in a modern home including light, ventilation, design, lifestyle and, most importantly, adherence to Australian safety standards.

200 Series - The Better

The 200 Series range is a combination of function and form. This innovative range gives a variety of options to ensure comfort, energy and performance. There’s a product in the 200 Series range to suit any home style - especially in designs that call for a higher performance rating, or specific design flair - while maintaining exceptional value for money. 

300 Series - The Best

The 300 Series is top of the Southern Star Aluminium line. Our premium range combines sophistication and modern architectural design with superior quality, functionality, style and value. This series is designed for specialised residential projects where aesthetics, size, strength and performance are key priorities. All products in the 300 Series can be double-glazed and are suitable for most semi-commercial projects.

Get in touch with our team to talk options within the Southern Star Aluminium range best suited to your new build or renovation. We can even help you tailor a mix of options to fit your needs. 

Or you can view the full range in our latest catalogue.

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