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The Nova Digital Deadlock


We are so excited to introduce our newest innovation – The Nova Digital Deadlock!

The Nova Digital Deadlock is a brand new within the industry, with multiple features making it stand out from other products on the market.

The most unique feature of the Nova Digital Deadlock is its deadlock feature. The Nova Digital Deadlock allows the door to be locked not only from the outside to deter external intruders, but also from the inside to ensure that small children cannot exit the home without supervision and would be thieves, should they somehow be able to enter the home, cannot exit with stolen goods. The lock has 3 security levels secure (deadlocked) Safety (locked outside operate inside) and Passage (operate both sides).

The Nova Digital Deadlock is aesthetically smart and contoured in design, comes in Satin Nicol and will be a welcome addition to any front entry. Keyless entry is the way of the future and the Nova Digital Deadlock sets the bar high.


• Keyless entry to dwellings by using a digital touch pad
• 2 levels of security
• Admin code (home owner created), required to create a passcode in the lock
• Passcode (home owner created), used to open the lock
• Codes can be changed whenever the client desires
• Allows up to 32 passcodes
• Shutdown mode after 3 failed attempts
• Run by 4 AA batteries
• Battery replacement alarm
• Alternative 9V battery option

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