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TimGuard: A Must-Have For Your Timber Windows & Doors


There’s a perception that timber windows and doors are too difficult to maintain to be a practical choice in modern homes - with some pointing to maintenance costs, moisture penetration and warping as reasons not to go for timber options.  But with TimGuard you have nothing to fear.

TimGuard is a revolutionary product from the Southern Star Group that alleviates these issues by providing a two-coat seal for your timber doors and windows. Unlike other products on the market, TimGuard is applied to Canterbury Timber Window and Door products in-factory and supplemented by two coats that your painter will apply on-site.






The result? A super smooth and ultra-protective four-coat finish, far surpassing the performance of any of the traditional two-coat 'on-site' only systems. For you, it means you can choose the best window for your space, with peace of mind that your timber windows and doors will have minimal moisture penetration, warping and maintenance costs.



Here are some other great TimGuard highlights:

  • 25% greater and more consistent film build.
  • Protection for all sides of timber windows and doors.
  • Minimises moisture variation and timber movement.
  • Provides an undercoat that can be stained and painted over.









Homeowners and Clients Will Love:

  • TimGuard contributes to a longer-lasting and better-looking finish.
  • The increased protection results in more durable and better-looking windows and doors.
  • Less ongoing maintenance is required for the life of the window or door.








Builders will Love:

  • Less preparation and finish coats are required onsite - reducing the time between installation and fully finished end-product.
  • Increased protection leads to a finish that is sure to impress.
  • Superior protection from weather and environment during construction.


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