Timber Benefits Series - Timber Lasts Longer Than You think!


People are always concerned with the maintenance of timber, and its cost. But given the right treatments and care, timber windows will last far beyond what people assume.
TimGuard is an innovative timber sealing solution exclusive to the Southern Star Group that provides superior protection to timber products.

TimGuard uses a system which applies 2 coats in factory and 2 coats on site. This 4-coat total is often twice as much as traditional systems offer.

Applying coats in a controlled private factory environment produces a higher and more consistent film build. Ultimately, TimGuard enables a 25% greater and more consistent film build and delivers a more durable and better-looking end result.

Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors with TimGuard offer superior protection during the build process. With two coats applied in factory, windows and doors are safeguarded before ever being exposed to the elements or the site. Coverage is extensive with all sides of the timber protected.

Canterbury Timber TimGuard semi-finished 2 coat clear seal is unique to the Southern Star Group and is the best way to ensure superior protection for your timber windows and doors.

Another bonus is that timber doesn’t rust! This is a great plus for high-humidity or coastal areas.
So there you have it! 2 Reasons why timber lasts longer than you might think and helps you in being more cost-effective in the long run!
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