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Timber Vs. Aluminium: The Right Windows & Doors For Your Build


When deciding between timber and aluminium windows for your next build, renovation, or retrofit, it's important to gather unbiased information and separate it from the advertising claims.

As a business offering both Canterbury Timber Windows and Southern Star Aluminium Windows, we have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of each material and can offer some impartial insight.

Timber Windows

Timber windows have long been cherished for their timeless beauty and natural appeal. They offer a range of advantages that make them a popular choice for homeowners seeking a classic or traditional look.

5 Reasons To Choose Timber Windows

  1. Excellent Insulation: Timber windows possess natural insulative properties due to the air pockets within their cellular structure. This enables them to absorb, store, and release heat more effectively than other materials such as aluminium, steel, or stone. As a result, timber windows can help regulate the temperature in your home, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Timber windows exude a stylish and elegant aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury to your home. They have a warm and inviting charm that complements various architectural styles, particularly those with a more traditional or classic design. Timber windows can enhance the overall visual appeal of your property.

  3. Natural Beauty: The natural grain and texture of timber windows create a unique and organic look that is hard to replicate with other materials. They provide a sense of warmth and authenticity, bringing a natural element into your living space.

  4. Customisation Options: Timber windows offer a wide range of customisation options. They can be easily tailored to fit specific design requirements, allowing you to choose from different finishes, stains, and paint. This flexibility allows you to really match the style of your home to your windows and doors.

  5. Longevity and Durability: When properly maintained, timber windows can have a long lifespan. High-quality timber, combined with regular maintenance and proper sealing, can make them highly durable and resistant to various environmental factors, ensuring they stand the test of time. Canterbury Timber windows come with TimGuard, a two coat clear seal designed to give your timber windows and doors this longevity.


Aluminium Windows 

Aluminium windows have gained widespread popularity in contemporary and modern architectural designs. They present their own set of advantages, including durability, design versatility, and low maintenance requirements.

5 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Windows

  1. Low Maintenance: One significant advantage of aluminium windows is their minimal maintenance requirements, and they do not require regular refinishing or repairs. Aluminium frames are highly resistant to weathering, rust, and decay, making them a convenient and hassle-free option.

  2. Affordability: Aluminium windows are generally a cost-effective option. If budget is a primary consideration, aluminium can be a more economical choice without compromising on quality or functionality.

  3. Strength and Stability: Aluminium is a strong and lightweight material, offering excellent structural integrity. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing stability and security for your home. The inherent strength of aluminium allows for larger window configurations, maximising natural light and views.

  4. Design Versatility: Aluminium windows offer a wide range of design options and flexibility. They are available in various styles, profiles, and colours, making it easy to find a design that suits your architectural preferences. Aluminium frames can be sleek and minimalistic, perfectly complementing modern and contemporary home designs.

  5. Energy Efficiency: While timber windows excel in insulation, aluminium windows have made significant advancements in energy efficiency. With the use of thermal breaks and improved glazing options, aluminium windows can effectively reduce heat transfer, enhancing energy efficiency and potentially reducing heating and cooling costs. A thermally broken design features in our Thermal Star 250 Series aluminium windows and doors. 

What's Right For Me?

It might even be the case that you can have a mixture of both throughout, but ultimately both are very strong options to start with. 

If you’re still unsure about whether you should include aluminium or timber windows in your new home, get in touch with our team.
They’ll be able to talk to you about your home design, retrofit or renovation plans and provide a recommendation that will best fit you and your home. 


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