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Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Tradesperson


Hiring the right tradie can make or break your project.

You obviously want a tradesperson who will deliver within budget and to a professional standard. But how do you know if they’ll deliver on what you want?

We’ve outlined a few questions that you should be asking prior to hiring any tradesperson, so you can be sure that you’ve got the best man or woman for the job.


  Are they Qualified And Registered?

You need to be sure that you tradesperson is fully qualified and registered. You can do this through the relevant authority or governing body. You can also check through the website which has a record of 1.6 million licenses across 58 Australian licensing bodies. Conveniently, it is also free to use.

In most states, electricians and plumbers must issues you with a compliance certificate once they have finished a job. This will give you peace of mind that they can rectify any problems you have down the track.

  Are They Insured?

This is super important. If your tradesperson is not insured and something goes wrong, you can be held liable for their lack of insurance. Don’t pay a deposit until you have seen a copy of their policy as well as a certificate of insurance.

  What Is Their Timeline For The Completion Of Your Job?

Clarity from the beginning from your tradesperson about their expected start and finish dates is critical. Works that go over for time can increase in cost and hold up other aspects of a build or job. A good way to tell if your tradesperson will be reliable is how they interact with you. Do they call/email you back promptly? Are they professional when it comes to communication? This can all point to how likely your tradesperson is to keep to key project dates.


  Do They Have Good Reviews?

Reviews online are of course a good way to check how the tradesperson has been with other customers. Try Google Reviews or Trulocal. Another way of getting a ‘review’ is having people you know and trust recommend a tradesperson. This way you know that someone else has had service good enough that they’re happy to pass on the details!

  Are They Providing A Fixed Quote?

When going ahead with a quote – it is recommended you confirm whether it’s a ‘fixed quote’ or an estimate of costs. A fixed quote means that you will know exactly what you will need to pay at the end no matter what happens during the job. This can help you budget more accurately.

Alternatively, your tradesperson may charge by the hour. The estimate provides you with a guide and may come in under or above that. Check with the tradesperson on the likelihood of any additional costs and ensure you will be made aware of these costs before they carry out any additional works.

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