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Top tips for keeping cool this summer


We all look forward to the summer months and the great weather but keeping your home cool during this time can prove difficult…….and expensive! Below are some tips that can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home this summer.

Fans First!

Fans use very little power, so if it’s just a bit warm, go for the fan first. You can then use the fan and the Air-Con together when it really heats up. This will save you a lot of money in power and also its way better for the environment! Evaporative coolers don’t use much energy, but they do go through litres and litres of water (as much as 60l per hour)!

Set your thermostat to 26°C

It’s tempting to set your air-con to a cool 21° but cooling to just 26° should keep your home comfortable and save you money — setting your thermostat just 1° cooler can up your cooling bill by 15%!

Protect your windows

On hot summer days all that heat comes straight through unprotected windows. Shading your North and West facing windows can help reduce the amount of heat that comes in – think plants, trees or awnings.

As another option, you can speak to one of our sales representatives about glass choices which can improve the heat impact.

Open Shut Them

Closing windows and curtains during the day and opening them at night can help utilise breezes and the outdoor temperature, to moderate your inside temperature.
Curtains with block out backing or solid will make a bit of a difference to your summer cooling and a lot of a difference to your winter heating. Also, shut the doors to areas you can’t keep cool.


Just cool the space you are using. This will keep you cool but avoid wasting cooling power on areas you aren’t using. When you change areas – cool the next area! Weather strips for your doors are a great way of keeping the cool in one area.


We all know that insulation helps keep the warmth inside in winter, but it also helps keep it out in the summer. It’s a great investment and is very efficient.

Outdoor Living

When the evening sets in why don’t you enjoy the outdoors? Cooking outside will prevent rooms becoming stuffy and the temperature will drop faster outside than it will inside! Think BBQ dinner and drinks on the veranda!

Air-Con Maintenance

If you’ve got an air conditioner, keep the outdoor bit of it shaded and clean its filters regularly.

Other Ideas!

If the cooling ideas for your home aren’t working, get a little inventive and cool yourself instead! Ice in your drinks, a spray bottle of water for your face, misters in your garden or even a frozen water bottle for bed time!

Good Luck and keep cool!

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