What Makes Western Red Cedar the Best Choice for Your Timber Windows and Doors?


Western Red Cedar is a popular and durable timber that is sought after due to its beauty and durability.

It is a timber that remains stable under most weather conditions and is not prone to shrinking or swelling. This means it holds its shape and ensures longevity despite exposure to cold, heat, rain and other environmental factors.

As a low-density timber that offers very good thermal insulation, it helps with heating and cooling efficiency, reducing electricity costs and making a home more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Western Red Cedar also delivers impressive acoustic properties, which is perfect for those wishing to reduce noise pollution.

Its versatility enables it to be used for both internal and external applications, making it a perfect material for our range of Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors.

Western Red Cedar is visually beautiful with rich and inviting colours. The heartwood ranges from a pale brown through to a rich dark brown, while the sapwood is a paler yellow-white colour.

It has a fine texture and straight grain with growth rings often visible. The durable yet soft properties let the material take very well to being painted, stained and polished.

This versatility offers the opportunity to perfectly tailor Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors products made of Western Red Cedar to precise tastes of individuals as desired.

The beauty of the wood is evident when showcased in applications such as windows and doors where the grain, colour and finishing can be viewed and appreciated for aesthetic pleasure.

Furthermore Western Red Cedar’s natural preservatives provide resistance to fungus and insects. The wood is protected against termites, woodborers and fungus that can dramatically affect alternative timber options.

Western Red Cedar is a stylish and practical material option with natural appeal, superior structural performance and elemental protection. Combined with our other timber materials, Meranti and KD Hardwood, there is a Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors option to suit any home.

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