What Timber Should I Choose?


Unlike other window and door manufacturers, here at Southern Star Group we are pleased to be able to offer three timber choices to our customers for our entire Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors range. But how do you decide which timber is right for your project, and what is the difference between them?

Below we have listed the benefits for each of the timber types on offer to help you decide!

NOTE: Points of difference to focus on are price point, Bushfire Rating, ease for painting or staining and suitability for conditions (e.g. coastal).


• Durable Hardwood Timber
• Resistant to warping, cupping and twisting
• Uniformly straight grain
• Accepts both paint and stain finishes
• Bushfire Rated to Bal 12.5 (low)
• Protim Treated to resist insects/termites
• Economical Price Point





• Strong, durable Hardwood Timber
• Grown in Australia
• Straight grain, consistent colour
• Can be painted or stained
• Bushfire Rated to Bal 19 (Moderate)





• Fine Stable Grain
• Highly resistant to warping and twisting
• Hard Wearing Softwood
• Stable under most climactic conditions
• No Bushfire (Bal) rating
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