What Windows Do I Pick for My Home Style?



Typical Coastal properties combine sea-shack features with high-end getaway design. Utilising timber in furniture, floors and accessories to bring ‘the outside in’, as well as in the exterior of the property. Colour palettes consist of light colours such as white, light greys and blues to reflect the ocean.

What windows will suit this property?

Modern Apartment/Townhouse

Modern Apartments/Townhouses often don’t have the space of houses and therefore have design features that maximise on space. They are often well-located and affordable. In design they are normally minimalist and sleek, so as not to feel cramped. A common colour palette for this type of housing is whites and light greys to give the feeling of space. Accent colours may be used as a feature.

What windows will suit this property?

Suburban Home

The typical ‘Suburban Home’ can vary hugely in style these days. But what ids required of the homes seems to be pretty consistent. These homes are built to house families. The homes need to be of a certain size, and often to a budget. Australians typically also love to entertain so the outdoor space gets significant attention.

What windows will suit this property?

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