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What colours are right for my windows and doors?


What window and door colour should you pick for your home? It’s a tough decision but we have broken down our standard colours, so you can pick what best suits your new home, renovation or building environment. Happy choosing!


Black – A bold statement or a colour that matches with any interior and exterior. Black is one of our top 3 most popular colours for this reason! Image: Hamlan Homes



Pearl White – Another top 3 popular colour, that has risen in the ranks of recent years due to the surge in Hamptons style builds and makeovers. Clean, crisp and classic. Image: Linked Building




Dune – A warm pale grey that suits a number of natural building materials such as exterior stone and interior marble due to its neutral tone.



Paperbark – Warm and neutral, paperbark can suit many different environments from sandy coastal retreats, to suburban spaces or inner city buildings.



Woodland Grey – A dark grey colour with a tinge of green. It fits really well in rural settings and in bush environments, managing to look both modern and natural.



CB Jasper – An earthy brown colour that is great for homes that have natural colour palettes. Jasper looks great when offset against a cream render or a pale brown interior design.



Surfmist – An off white that reminds you of sandy white beaches and feels fresh, pure and timeless. Image: Hickinbotham




Monument – Bold, modern and confident, monument is our top seller. It is used in many modern projects for its impact but does have the flexibility to be used in timeless buildings too. Image: LS Designs


Ultra Silver – A strong silver colour that looks at home in modern buildings and commercial looking architecture. It also manages to feel at home with neutral colour palettes and any interior design. Image: Mater Homes


Come in and talk to one of our sales consultants about which colour is right for your project!

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