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What’s Best for Me - Timber or Aluminium Windows?


It may be tough to separate the information from the advertising when researching whether to use aluminium or timber windows for your next build, renovation or retrofit. Everyone spruiks the option that they're selling. 


As a business proudly selling both Canterbury Timber Windows and Southern Star Aluminium Windows, we are intimately familiar with the benefits of each and can offer some impartial insight. 

Why Should I Choose Timber Windows?

A big benefit of timber windows in your home is their insulative capabilities. If you were to look at a piece of wood under a microscope and you’d notice lots of air pockets within its cellular structure. These pockets help timber absorb, store and release heat far better than aluminium, steel, or stone. This helps regulate the temperature in your home and saves you on heating and cooling costs. 


The stylishness and elegance of timber windows is another big plus. Timber windows have a luxurious aesthetic and warm appeal that looks great on most homes, especially those with a more traditional feel and design. 


Why Should I Choose Aluminium Windows? 

A huge benefit of aluminium windows is the fact that they require virtually no maintenance, a fact that will save you money otherwise spent in the long term on refinishing and repairing. 


Aluminium windows are also generally less expensive than timber windows - but don’t think that this means that they don’t look as good. Nothing looks better on a modern, minimalist home than tastefully placed aluminium windows and doors. 

What's Right For Me?

If you’re unsure about whether you should include aluminium or timber windows in your new home, get in touch with our team of experts. They’ll be able to talk to you about your home design, retrofit or renovation plans and provide a recommendation that will best fit you and your home. 


It might even be the case that you can have a mixture of both throughout, but ultimately both are very strong options to start with. 


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